The Nursery at Ruth Bancroft Garden is happy to assist customers in finding certain plants for their landscapes. We do this by allowing customers to place special orders.

IMPORTANT: Please do not send us a shopping list of plants.

We can fulfill orders for the following only:


One to a few types of large specimen plants (such as a 15g Aloe ‘Hercules’, two 15g Parkinsonia ‘Desert Museum’. etc/

Large quantities of 1 to 2 smaller plants (such as 1g Lomandra ‘Arctic Frost’ or 5g Chondropetalum lectorum)

Special Order Policy

Please read before requesting a special order.

Availability Limitations

We can only order plants that are on the current availability lists from our growers, and we order only plants that fit within our dry garden plant palette.

Minimum Order Amount

The minimum dollar amount for special orders is $300 (before member discount for members).

No Returns or Exchanges

All special orders must be prepaid and are final sale (no returns or exchanges).

No Delivery

The customer needs to arrange pickup of the special order.

    1. We do not deliver. We do not have the infrastructure to do so.
    2. Pickup needs to happen within 2 weeks of the arrival of the plants (the customer will get an email or phone call when the plants arrive). After two weeks, we will dispose of the order as necessary.

Large Plants

We don’t bring in any plants in containers larger than 15 gallon (we do not have the equipment necessary to unload them).


We allow special orders for one to a few large plants–up to 15 gallons in size (usually of plants that we don’t often bring in for the nursery), or for many of one or two types of plants and sizes (for example, 20x 1g Lomandra ‘Platinum Beauty’ and 7x 5g Grevillea ‘King’s Fire’). If you need a plant that we carry often, there is usually no need for a special order. Instead, you can ask us to set it aside for you (if we have it in stock) or hold it for you when it arrives (if we are expecting a delivery of the plant). We can hold unpaid items for two days. If you’d like to secure the purchase and have us hold it for two weeks, we can call when it arrives and take payment over the phone (or send you an online payment link).

Design Services Plants

*We can not fulfill special orders of completed designs you are trying to buy plants for. These designs often require many different types of plants at different sizes. Trying to fulfill these orders is often not possible given the parameters we need to work within with our growers. For these circumstances, we offer nursery shopping consultations through our Design Services team, who can help you fulfill a design with plants we have available already in our nursery. This is a great option for people open to suitable plant palette substitutions for any plants we don’t have in at a given time. Please fill out the Design Services Intake Form if you’d like to explore this option. Fees for this service are $150/hour for members and $175/hour for non-members. (Choose Consultation under Services Required, and under Briefly Describe Your Project, indicate that you have a completed design and desire a shopping consultation.)

To place a special order, email our Inventory Manager. List exactly what you are looking for (botanical names are best, but if you don’t know them, use the common name). Feel free to send pictures to help with identifying. Also list the size(s) and quantities you want (1g, 3g, 5g, 10g, etc.). We will get back to you as soon as we are able.

By placing a special order, you agree to the terms listed in our policy.