Sculpture in the Garden 2022

28th Annual Show & Sale | June 17th – August 27th


Sculpture in the Garden is the annual art show and sale that marries stunning sculptural art with the natural sculptural beauty of the Garden. All Sculptures in the Garden are for sale. Follow the QR codes on the stakes to purchase! Sculptures are only for sale online.

The Sculpture Show is FREE with paid Garden admission during Garden hours. Become a member and get Garden admission free all year.

Meet the Artists

Ana Bianchi

Ana Bianchi, originally from Mexico, is Walnut Creek resident artist working in a wide range of creative pursuits: from ceramics, to printmaking, from children book illustrations to design. Her work in art, design and illustration is woven together by a love for color, an element of storytelling and a keen eye looking for the beauty in nature and art. She started working with ceramic sculpture 25 years ago while living in Florence Italy and later, in Mexico, and has continue her ceramic work at the local studio run by the City of Walnut Creek. Ana has always been fascinated by all things botanical, but specially cacti and succulents, which she’s collected since she was a little girl.

Joe Bologna

I see wasteful practices everywhere. It hurts to know how much we waste, while others without. Perhaps as troubling is our challenge to live in a world accumulating so much waste. I aspire to consume less and repurpose more. This aspiration is a significant element in my artwork, which I have shown in the Ruth Bancroft Garden every year since 2005.

Kevin Byall

Kevin Byall is a Bay Area artist, sculptor and model maker who has worked for three decades in steel, wood and stone, as well as in the virtual environment of Computer Graphics. He is a graduate of Iowa State University’s Art & Visual Communications program. Kevin’s collaborative CG contributions have been recognized by the Smithsonian Institute; receiving the 1997 Science and Technology Innovation Award. His tangible collaborative contributions have also been recognized by the Smithsonian online, and received awards in local and national juried competitions. Whether working in traditional media or exploring new material, Kevin’s art reveals balance in flow and form, and beckons to be touched.

Larry Colvin

Larry Colvin, a San Franciscan native, has been working in clay since his days at UCSB and Cal in the early 1970's. His classical shapes, often the embodiment of the female form, are the canvas from which he uses contrast, emphasis, texture and shape. The masculine flavor appears in the natural clay tat has been sheared, torn, faceted or forged. The handcrafted pottery features strong structural components, blended with a simple but comfortable balance, culminating in pieces that are rich, deep and powerful. His pieces require the viewer to come to their own conclusions as to what has been created.

Henriette Cons Ponte

As an avid traveler, I am fascinated by cultures, traditions, and rituals - both ancient and current. My personal and professional background plays a key role in the way I explore and approach artistic themes, designs, and colors: my upbringing and residence in various places around the world (Romania, Israel, China, and California), my past career as Socio-Anthropologist researcher, and the rich Jewish heritage to which I belong are all manifested in my work. I enjoy exploring various forms, colors, and finishing styles, while focusing primarily on hand-building techniques, and designing each piece to be one of a kind.

Tam Doan

Jake Edwards

Edwards was born in Oroville, California in 1980. Edwards has been painting and drawing since he was four years old, but when he went to college he fell in love with the ceramic room. In 2017, he built his first small dragonfly, combining aluminum wire with clay. In spring of 2016, he helped design and build five massive sculptures with the Public Art and Design Academy at Sunset Park in Brentwood. The inspiration for Edwards sculpting dragonflies, grasshoppers, turtles and other animals is where he grew up outside of Oroville, in an area called Thermalito.

Douglas Heine

I've been making art for over 60 years and the goals haven't changed. First and foremost is the harmony of form.Hopefully done with a generosity of spirit and a high degree of craftsmanship. Always with the hope of achieving three dimensional beauty.

Roger Heitzman

As a master craftsman, Roger has a unique set of skills. He thinks like an engineer and designs like an artist. Using nature as his inspiration, he meticulously designs and crafts handmade limited production kinetic wind sculptures. If you ask him what he does, he'll say, "I make stuff"; Widely published, award winning, and highly acclaimed, stuff. Roger lives and has his studio in Scotts Valley, CA. www.HeitzmanStudios.com www.facebook.com/KineticWindSculptures www.etsy.com/KineticWindSculpture

Stan Huncilman

Stan Huncilman was born in Indiana. After graduating from high school, he left home with no particular destination in mind. His travels led him to stints as a welder in the shipyards of Louisiana and as a machinist in a Vermont foundry. Not long after leaving Vermont he joined the Peace Corps and wen to Ecuador to teach in a trade school for orphans. After the Peace Corps he eventually settled in San Francisco California and began his formal art education. He attended San Francisco State University and San Francisco Art Institute. He received his MFA in Sculpture from the Art Institute in 1984.

Karina Kudymova

Karina Kudymova was born in Moscow, Russia in 196. After receiving her MFA degree from the Stroganov School of Art and Industry, she successfully worked in both traditional and experimental media. Mrs. Kudymova participated in ceramics and painting exhibitions, worked as a book illustrator, and created a web site for children tinytram.com. She lives and works in San Jose, California. Her art can be seen at her blog kudymova.com

Zuzana Licko

My background as a typeface designer has inspired me to explore the relationships between various abstract shapes, and to form them into structural systems. I hand assemble each ceramic piece from a combination of wheel thrown and slump molded elements. Being a fan of modern design and architecture, my ceramic work features clean lines and simple classic shapes.

Diana Markessinis

Diana Markessinis is a California-based sculptor known for creating hybrid forms informed by the intersection of nature and architecture. Primarily utilizing metal, ceramic and glass, Markessinis calls on a variety of materials to explore the human impact on the natural world and vice versa. In 2007 she received her Masters of Fine Arts in sculpture from California State University, Fullerton, and her undergraduate degree in sculpture from West Virginia University (2003). You can find her large sculptures throughout California in public and private spaces. Follow Diana on Instagram at @markessinis and view more of her work at www.markessinis.com

Jeanette Morrow

My sculptures are based on images of women and animals that resonate with me visually, emotionally or spiritually. These images may be seen in life, in other artist’s work or in books and magazines. I frequent museums and galleries and peruse a variety of art and wildlife books and magazines for inspiration, never knowing when I might spot a potential pattern or image I need to incorporate into a sculpture. Sculpting has opened a door for me to explore and feel a connected. It has become a lifelong learning process.

David Mudgett

I've been building things my whole life. Always encouraged to repair rather than replace, I became mechanically inclined at a young age Born with an allergy to text and a youth filled with the great outdoors, I have always gravitated towards shape, sound and movement. I was first drawn to metal by my grandfather, the pipe-fitter. Intrigued by his metal finesse, and surrounded by his many projects, I was lured in. Staring at the fire, and witnessing the magic as the molten metal danced around him has indelibly burnt itself into me. Following in his footsteps, I was fortunate to serve my apprenticeship in a large pipe fabrication shop and spent years as a pipe-fitter. The ease at which large pieces of metal could be formed into limitless objects fascinated me, and the metal soon became an affliction. These years of metal fabrication gave me a firm grasp of steel. I unfortunately found the conventional uses littered with boundaries. Urged to apply my metalworking skills to art, I produced my first sculpture. This new found form of expression was exhilarating. I had stumbled onto the creative freedom that I was searching for. Having now spent the better part of my life working with steel, I am incurably hooked. Its strength and versatility afford me the liberty to take a piece in almost any direction.

Jeff Owen

I began creating metal sculptures in 2001 after acquiring a welder from my father-in-law. I had no idea that I had any interest in sculpting until I began to create sculpture I fell in love with metal on that first day. During this period, I was both creating sculpture and working at Stanford University as an IT professional. That allowed me financially to continue sculpting. I began selling my own sculptures online via my website, and at fine art events. I have a large collector base, many of whom own more than one piece from me. In my 21st year of making sculpture, I have honed my craft to a point where I am known by many, and have a style that is recognized. Many of my collectors discover me by seeing a piece of my sculpture at a fellow collector's home or office, or at an art show. Many others find me by searching the internet. I am constantly pushing my limits to create sculpture that no one has created before. I want to amaze myself every day.

Jebb Reid

Jebb Reid is a self taught sculptor and artist. Much of his art comes out in fluid movement as he pictures the rippling effect nature and organisms have on their surroundings. His current preferred aesthetic is based on abstract wood sculptures of a larger scale.

Stephanie Robison

The sculpture of Stephanie Robison plays with multiple oppositional relationships. Working with industrial fabrics and wood, she creates large-scale installations that examine relationships between culture, nature and the built environment. Her latest series of work combines traditional stone carving and the process of needle felting wool. By merging incongruous materials such as wool and marble, she works to synthesize and fuse: organic and geometric, natural and architectural, handmade and the uniform industrial. Focusing on materiality and color with this new work, Robison creates charming, often humorous or awkward forms referencing aspects of the body, relationships and the environment. Originally from Oregon, Robison currently resides in California teaching sculpture and serving as Art Department Chair at the City College of San Francisco. Robison holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Marylhurst University and a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Oregon. Robison is currently represented by Marrow Gallery in San Francisco, California. Robison’s work has been exhibited at Foster/White Gallery, Whatcom Museum and Tacoma Art Museum in Washington, Robischon Gallery in Colorado, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and Greater Denton Arts Council in Texas, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art and Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in California, Peter Robertson Gallery in Alberta Canada, Yeiser Art Center in Kentucky, and Site:Brooklyn Gallery in New York.

Leslie Safarik

Rosella Scapini

The ability to imagine worlds beyond the surface of reality is a fundamental characteristic of my art. In this vision, elements of everyday life are intertwined with my own imagination, giving life to creatures rendered in fantastic realistic style. Combining the human with the animal figure I stretch the boundaries between real and surreal. The hybridization reflects the constant changes and shifts we undergo in the process of becoming and discovering ourselves. Biological, psychological, cultural and social transformations determine our identities and the very perception of ourselves and others.

Wesley Skinner

Wes Skinner is an East Bay artist and metal fabricator, whose sculptures are inspired by nature. With several years of professional metal fabrication experience under his belt, his specialty is artistic and architectural metalwork. Wes got his start building small sculptures out of car parts, and then by working on large-scale metal art installations with several art collectives.

Karen Stanton and Lea Samuel

Paige Tashner

Paige Tashner, native Oregonian, East Bay California transplant, and award-winning self-taught artist, has been sharing her quirkiness through her sculptures for nearly a decade. Ranging from an electric, drivable cupcake car to an illuminated spaceship bench (Stardust) to giant metal cats the size of a VW Bug (Purr Pods), her creations have been experienced throughout the U.S. and in Bristol, England. Her current venture, Demure Le Purr cat sculptures, are 1/3 scale of the Purr Pods. Her first one, Spring Kitten, sold at the Sotheby's auction, Boundless Space...The Possibilities of Burning Man, in the fall of 2021. Exhibitions for these sculptures include Oakland’s Autumn Lights Festival and the Portland Winter Light Festival in Oregon.

Clayton Thiel

Holly Wallace

Trained as sculptor in metal, life changed for me with the discovery of studio glass. Other modalities had form and color but glass had LIGHT. My studies at California College for the Arts, Pilchuck Glass School, Pratt Art Center and various studios preceded opening Ruby Glass Works in Berkeley which was the only woman-owned/operated and built glass blowing studio in the Bay Area. The pursuit of the magic of Light and Color continues with the exploration of fused glass from my studio in Bodega Bay.

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