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Adromischus marianiae fa. herrei

Aeonium simsii: May 2005

Agave bracteosa: July 2009

Agave chiapensis: May 2011

Agave chrysoglossa: June 2005

Agave colimana: January 2004

Agave colorata: April 2005

Agave filifera: December 2017

Agave flexispina: August 2015

Agave geminiflora: December 2011

Agave gentryi: May 2016

Agave guadalajaranna: July 2005

Agave nickelsiae: August 2012

Agave parrasana: August 2009

Agave parryi: July 2013

Agave parviflora ssp. flexiflora: June 2014

Agave potatorum: July 2004

Agave potatorum: October 2007

Agave potrerana: August 2003

Agave schidigera: November 2014

Agave striata: November 2006

Aloe affinis: March 2011

Aloe arborescens: December 2010

Aloe brevifolia: May 2007

Aloe capitata var. quartziticola: March 2016

Aloe glauca; December 2004

Aloe greenii: October 2009

Aloe lutescens: March 2003

Aloe microstigma: February 2008

Aloe mudenensis: February 2015

Aloe mutabilis: February 2010

Aloe petrophila: January 2014

Aloe porphyrostachys: June 2003

Aloe ramosissima: December 2012

Aloe rubroviolacea: December 2005

Aloe shadensis: July 2017

Aloe tomentosa: August 2005

Aloe vacillans: November 2007

Alyogyne 'Ruth Bancroft': October 2014

Aeonium smithii: June 2015

Arctostaphylos 'Ruth Bancroft': February 2004

Aristolochia californica: March 2013

Asphodelus aestivus: March 2007

Astridia alba: December 2015

Beaucarnea recurvata: September 2011

Beschorneria yuccoides: May 2003

Brachychiton discolor: August 2007

Brachychiton populneus: June 2010

Brahea armata: September 2010

Brunsvigia josephinae: September 2005

Bulbinella nutans: March 2005

Cephalophyllum 'Red Spike': February 2006

Cephalophyllum stayneri: January 2011

Cheiridopsis robusta: January 2018

Cheiridopsis umdausensis: January 2015

Cleistocactus hyalacanthus: May 2015

Cleistocactus icosagonus: October 2013

Cleistocactus sepium: October 2010

Colletia cruciata: November 2009

Correa 'Ivory Bells': February 2007

Correa pulchella 'Pink Eyre': January 2013

Cotyledon tomentosa: September 2014

Crassula falcata: August 2006

Crassula sarcocaulis: January 2012

Crassula tecta: November 2016

Dasylirion wheeleri: July 2014

Echeveria agavoides: May 2012

Echeveria cante: August 2010

Echeveria colorata: March 2017

Echeveria gigantea: February 2014

Echeveria pulvinata 'Frosty': December 2014

Echinocactus grusonii: September 2003

Echinocactus platyacanthus:September 2006

Echinopsis bruchii: May 2004

Echinopsis candicans: July 2006

Echinopsis formosa: May 2013

Encephalartos horridus: February 2017

Eriogonum giganteum: August 2004

Eucalyptus caesia: March 2010


Eucalyptus erythrocorys: October 2003

Eucalyptus polyanthemos: February 2012

Eucalyptus preissiana: April 2010

Euphorbia caput-medusae: April 2007

Euphorbia esculenta: April 2013

Euphorbia milii: December 2007

Euphorbia resinifera: July 2015

Euphorbia susannae: November 2015

Euryops speciosissimus: December 2006

Faucaria candida: November 2017

Ferocactus latispinus: October 2006

Ferocactus pottsii: August 2011

Ferocactus robustus: October 2015

Furcraea longaeva: April 2004

Furcraea selloa: November 2005

Garrya elliptica: February 2011

Gasteria bicolor: March 2014

Gasteria excelsa: September 2015

Gasteria polita: June 2012

Glottiphyllum linguiforme: November 2011

Graptopetalum amethystinum: May 2017

Grevillea petrophiloides 'Big Bird': March 2015

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. delaetii: August 2017

Haworthia cooperi: February 2013

Haworthia truncata: September 2009

Haworthia truncata var. maughanii: Jan 2016

Hesperaloe tenuifolia: September 2017

Hesperaloe nocturna: July 2016

Hesperoyucca whipplei: June 2004

Lachenalia viridiflora: December 2016

Lampranthus multiradiatus: April 2014

Lampranthus spectabilis: May 2010

Lessingia filaginifolia: September 2012

Leuchtenbergia principis: September 2004

Mammillaria geminispina: November 2012

Mestoklema tuberosum: September 2013

Neoporteria crispa: June 2016

Nolina interrata: July 2007

Nolina matapensis: July 2011

Notocactus herteri ssp. roseoluteus: June 2017

Ochagavia litoralis: October 2011

Opuntia macrocentra: November 2010

Osmanthus fragrans forma aurantiacus: October 2004

Othonna capensis: January 2010

Othonna retrofracta: January 2017

Pachyphytum fittkaui: April 2015

Pandorea pandorana: January 2006

Parkinsonia aculeata: July 2012

Parodia warasii: July 2010

Pedilanthus bracteatus: December 2013

Peniocereus serpentinus: September 2016

Pleiospilos simulans: October 2016

Puya berteroniana: May 2006

Ribes speciosum: March 2004

Romneya coulteri: June 2007

Ruschia marianae: November 2013

Salvia canescens var. daghestanica: June 2013

Salvia pachyphylla: August 2016

Sedum clavatum: May 2014

Sedum dendroideum: February 2005

Sedum treleasei: March 2006

Senecio articulatus: January 2005

Senecio fulgens: April 2012

Senna artemisioides: January 2008

Stenocactus ochoterenanus: March 2012

Swainsona formosa: August 2014

Tecoma stans: December 2003

Tecoma stans 'Gold Star': October 2005

Thelocactus rinconensis: April 2017

Thelocactus tulensis: April 2011

Titanopsis calcarea: February 2016

Tradescantia pallida: September 2007

Tylecodon dinteri: July 2003

Veltheimia capensis: December 2009

Washingtonia filifera: Ocotber 2012

Yucca rigida: April 2016

Yucca schottii: August 2013

Yucca thompsoniana: June 2011

Yucca treculeana: April 2006


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