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March 2004 Plant Highlight: Ribes speciosum

Image of R. speciosum

The various species of Ribes, commonly known as gooseberries and currants, are widely distributed in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere in both North America and Eurasia. They belong to the family Grossulariaceae. The group known as gooseberries have spiny branches and were formerly placed in the genus Grossularia. Currants, on the other hand, lack spines. Both groups contain species grown for their fruit as well as ones grown for their ornamental features, whether flowers, fruit, or leaves (often lobed or toothed).

Ribes speciosum , our featured plant, is known as the fuchsia-flowering gooseberry due to its bright-red pendant flowers, which are somewhat reminiscent of slender Fuchsia flowers. It comes from coastal regions of the southern half of California and down into Baja California. In nature, plants are summer-deciduous, in keeping with the dry-summer climate of its native area, but the leafless period can be kept brief with some judicious watering during the summer months.

Image of R. speciosum flower

Photo and text by Brian Kemble

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