Keep the Garden Growing – Covid-19 Support Fund & 50/50 Thank You Offer

Thanks for your support to help KEEP THE GARDEN GROWING!

Your donation today will help us keep us going until we can reopen.

Having to close the garden and nursery to visitors and customers during this COVID-19 shelter-in-place is especially hard.  As a small, non-profit business we depend greatly on nursery sales, visitor admission fees, workshops and tour revenues to support us.

50/50 Thank You Offer:
In appreciation, you can elect to receive a nursery coupon, valued at 50% of your donation amount by selecting 50/50 in the Fund Designation below.  Or, you may select to donate 100% to the Garden.

Nursery coupons will be valid for 30 days from the day we reopen and will mailed to you via USPS approximately 1 week from date of purchase. Coupon valid for nursery plant, pottery or soil purchases only. Not valid for admission or class tuition. Expires 30 days from our reopen date.


Please select BOTH the donation amount below and indicate in the Fund Designation whether you are donating 100% of the donation amount or you would like to receive a nursery coupon, valued at 50% of your donation amount, in appreciation.


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