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Agave parryi

July 2013

Agave parryi is a popular garden subject, prized for its compact artichoke-like rosettes and the way its silvery-gray leaves contrast its black teeth.

Salvia canescens var. daghestanica

June 2013

Without its flowers, Salvia canescens var. daghestanica is only a few inches tall, and in flower it attains a height of up to 12” or so (30 cm).

Echinopsis formosa

May 2013

Echinopsis formosa is a spring bloomer, flowering at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in late April and May. The large yellow funnel-shaped flowers are up to 9 cm.

Gasteria polita

June 2012

Gasteria polita was first discovered growing as an under-story plant in a forest, the first species in the genus to be found growing under such conditions.

Echeveria agavoides

May 2012

Echeveria agavoides flowers in spring, April and May are the main flowering months in our area. The flower stalks are slender and from one to two feet tall.

Senecio fulgens

April 2012

Though it is one of the largest families of flowering plants, the Daisy Family (Asteraceae) does not contain a great number of succulents.

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