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Echinocactus grusonii

September 2003

Echinocactus grusonii, the Golden Barrel Cactus, is one of the most popular of all cacti in cultivation.

Agave potrerana

August 2003

Agave potrerana belongs to the group Marginatae, but has no close relatives within the group.

Tylecodon dinteri

July 2003

Tylecodon dinteri, located in The Garden in Bed 7E and Yucca Flat, adds a splash of yellow to the summer garden.

Aloe porphyrostachys

June 2003

Aloe porphyrostachys, a species that was described just a few years ago, is a stunning new addition to The Garden.

Beschorneria yuccoides

May 2003

Our featured species is Beschorneria yuccoides, its name alluding to the resemblance of its glaucous leaves to those of Yuccas.

Aloe lutescens

March 2003

Aloe lutescens is a species from the far north of South Africa, just south of the Limpopo River, which forms the boundary with Zimbabwe.

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