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Aloe arborescens

December 2010

Aloe arborescens is a familiar part of the horticultural landscape in the warmer parts of California, including the Bay Area.

Opuntia macrocentra

November 2010

Opuntia macrocentra is one of the prickly pears native to the U.S., where it grows in Texas, Arizona, and across the border in northern Mexico as well.

Cleistocactus sepium

October 2010

In recent years many of them have been included in the genus Cleistocactus. One of these is a plant named Cleistocactus sepium.

Brahea armata

September 2010

Brahea armata puts out long inflorescences in summer, and these arch outward and then hang downward, bearing tresses of creamy flowers.

Echeveria cante

August 2010

Among the echeverias which flower in the summer is a beautiful species named Echeveria cante, from the central Mexican state of Zacatecas.

Parodia warasii

July 2010

Parodia warasii, like other members of the genus, is a summer grower.  Plants should be watered periodically through the warm season. 

Brachychiton populneus

June 2010

Some kinds develop fat trunks, and are sometimes referred to as “bottle trees” or “Australian Bottle Trees”.  One of these is Brachychiton populneus.

Lampranthus spectabilis

May 2010

   Lampranthus spectabilis makes a brilliant display in spring, covering itself in flowers which are about 2 inches (5 cm) across.

Eucalyptus preissiana

April 2010

Eucalyptus preissiana is a spring bloomer and will come into full bloom at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in late March to April. 

Eucalyptus caesia

March 2010

Like most species of Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus caesia comes from Australia, where it grows on granite outcrops in the southwest part of the country.

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