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Othonna capensis

January 2010

One of the latter is Othonna capensis, a ground-hugging creeper with fat green leaves and small bright-yellow daisy flowers.

Veltheimia capensis

December 2009

Our plant of Veltheimia capensis has remained single, while Veltheimia bracteata has increased to form a good-sized clump.

Colletia cruciata

November 2009

The blooming time for Colletia cruciata is in the fall, and our plant at the Ruth Bancroft Garden bears white flowers in October and November.

Cleistocactus sepium

October 2009

Cleistocactus sepium has red tubular flowers which flare out at the mouth, making a brilliant display.  They jut out from the sides of the stems below the apex, coming in flushes during the summer and fall months. 

Haworthia truncata

September 2009

There are many species of Haworthia with windowed leaves, like the Haworthia truncata, so named because its leaves look as though they had been truncated.

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