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Agave montana

May 2018

The floral branches and buds of Agave montana are a dark purplish-red color, but when the flowers open they show off their yellow interiors and stamens and pistils.

Doryanthes palmeri

May 2018

This Australian native begins life as a single large rosette, but when it comes into flower the growing tip elongates into a flower stalk, much like an Agave does.

Echeveria derenbergii

April 2018

Many species of Echeveria are notable for their highly ornamental tight rosettes of succulent leaves, and most of these come from Mexico.

Protea scolymocephala

March 2018

The Protea Family, Proteaceae, is primarily a Southern Hemisphere group, with most of the species found in Australia and South Africa.

Aloe africana

February 2018

South Africa has quite a few single-headed species of Aloe which develop a trunk and make dramatic focal points in the garden.

Cheiridopsis robusta

January 2018

This clump-forming succulent belongs to the Ice Plant Family and features showy yellow flowers.