Fall is a great time to mulch around your plants, especially all your new fall plantings. Mulch protects your soil from erosion conserves available water for your plants, suppresses weeds, and protects your plants’ roots from extreme temperatures. We are partnering with a local company, EcoMulch, to bring home delivery of high-quality bulk mulch.

Choose from six different kinds of mulch. Members get 10% off.

Inquire at the kiosk. Members must order at the Kiosk through one of our team members. The order will be arranged to be delivered to your home. Please note that you cannot call or go through EcoMulch directly for your order.

Baseline Succulent Mix

Our Baseline Succulent Potting Mix is an excellent starting point for the vast majority of commonly cultivated succulents and cacti.

Why is our soil better than your typical cactus mix?

  • For drainage and moisture control and high C.E.C. (cation exchange capacity), an indicator of thesoil’s ability to hold moisture.
  • Fertilizer that is less likely to drain out.
  • 80% mineral composition and great structural stability allows plants to be repotted less frequently because of lower material deterioration.
  • Less likely to contaminate local waterways and aquifers.
  • No additional chemical fertilizer.
  • Locally sourced components.
  • Better overall quality and consistency due to first-rate soil handling during the making and mixing of each bag.

Proteaceae Mix

Plants in the Proteaceae family have certain cultural needs, specifically low pH and no phosphorus, that are often difficult to accommodate with conventional potting media.

Traditionally, growers have used peat moss as the primary component of Protea mixes because of its acidity, but it comes with the significant downsides of tremendous environmental damage and a very short lifespan in the pot due to its structural instability andhydrophobic tendencies.

This is one of the first commercially-available potting mediums targeting Proteaceae. It is sustainably sourced, with less than 10% of its components having traveled more than 500 miles from their single source points of origin. As with our Baseline Succulent Potting Mix, the structural stability, moisture retention, and cation exchange have been prioritized to deliver the best possible performance over the longest possible duration.


Pumice is an excellent amendment for both containers and in-ground applications to increase drainage and aeration in soil.

Brown Lava Rock

Like pumice, brown lava rock is a very useful amendment for container and in-ground plantings. It increases aeration and it allows for good drainage. But the brown lava rock also makes for a striking inorganic mulch that can help keep weeds at bay. It brings uniformity to your planting beds and give them a seamless finish.

Biochar Compost

Currently not available.