Specialty Soils

Not sure which blend is best for you? Visit us at the Ruth Bancroft Nursery for more information.

Bancroft Potting Soil Blend

Tired of the bagged commercial ‘cactus soil’ that lose their structure after a few months? If so, then use the potting soil we use.

The Bancroft Potting Soil Blend is a proprietary blend of ingredients that hold their form for a long time. This provides good drainage and air for the roots to thrive. Suitable for succulents, natives and members of the protea family.

We offer this blend in two sizes, and it’s available for purchase here at The Ruth Bancroft Nursery.

This soil blend is for containers only.

Bancroft Bedding Blend

End your struggles with growing plants in heavy clay. We worked with Contra Costa Topsoil in Martinez to develop a propriety blend perfect for succulents and other drought tolerant plants. The goal was to apply the blend over the existing soil without having to dig it in. Simply rough up the existing soil and add 12” or more of Bancroft Bedding Blend. Once its laid and shaped, it’s ready for planting.

Bancroft Bedding Blend can purchased from Contra Costa Topsoil, 5030 Imhoff Drive, Martinez, (925) 228-4007, and is available for pickup or delivery.

This soil blend is for in-ground applications only—not for containers, slopes or under the drip lines of existing trees.