Many people express interest in donating plants and pottery to the Ruth Bancroft Garden. These include plants that have grown too large for their space, ceramic pottery that is no longer needed or desired, mature plants that may no longer be desirable for the owner (ones being removed to make way for new plantings), plants that were owned by friends or loved ones, or nursery liner pots in good condition that could be reused.

Plant, pottery, and nursery liner pot donations to the Garden are most appreciated but must be approved by staff prior to drop-offs. Many plant donations are repotted in our nursery and sold at our plant sales to raise money to support the garden, while a choice few plants will be accessioned into our collection, depending on the species and whether it is represented in our collection. Ceramic pottery can be sanitized and used to make dish gardens, while nursery liner pots are sanitized and used to pot up plant donations

How to Donate:

Thank you for thinking of us as a place to donate your plants and pots. Please email our Nursery and describe your donation (what you have and how many you have). Please send pictures, especially if you want to donate plants. We will get back to you and let you know if you have something RBG can use.

We reserve the right to refuse any potential donation if we detect disease or if the items you wish to donate are not needed.