Ditch the lawn for a beautiful drought tolerant garden!

Want to convert from lawn to garden but not sure where to start? We now offer lawn to garden landscape consultation services.  Just need a little advice, we have hourly consultations.  Or, we offer full landscape design services that will provide you with a complete design plan and plant list.

To get started, please fill out our form: Design Inquiry Form

Garden Consultation

  • Onsite consultation to suggest plants for new or existing plantings
  • List of plants and ideal purchase sizes available for purchase from RBG Nursery
  • Custom plant orders are available – minimum order amount $300
  • $190 for first one hour consultation for Members
  • $220 for first one hour consultation for Non-members
  • Additional hours are billed at $95 Member / $110 Non-member
  • Onsite consultations beyond a 20 mile radius of the garden are charged travel time each direction.
  • Consultations may also be scheduled at the Garden
  • Consultation are largely conversational and do not include any landscape plan drawings.

Full Design & Plan

  • Visit client’s garden and provide an estimate for services
  • Produce concept plan to review with client for edits and input
  • Produce color planting plan with instructions for proper planting
  • Provide a list of plants and ideal purchase size for custom quotes from RBG Nursery
  • Hourly rates for plans are the same as for consultations.  Simple hand drawn non-scaled plans for one garden area start at around 5 hours and scaled, computer drafted plans start at 15 hours.

For a sample Color Planting Plan click here
For a sample Plant List click here

Note: We do not do installation

Drought Tolerant Plants

The Nursery is stocked with plants that are qualified for rebates through the Contra Costa Water District’s Lawn to Garden Rebate Program. Our Nursery staff is also extremely knowledgeable and more than happy to answer any questions you have about whether or not a particular plant will thrive in your yard.

If you’re looking for a plant that we don’t currently have in-stock, or want to make a large order of plants for your water wise garden, it is best to email the nursery landscapedesign@ruthbancroftgarden.org

The Garden is the perfect place for inspiration, and offers a chance to see what many drought tolerant plants look like when they mature. Plan your visit today!


Banner photo by Zella Urmson Photography