Dish Gardens & Custom Arrangements

red ceramic pot filled with colorful succulents

Whether you have a balcony or just a love of containers large or small, we can make them pop with custom arrangements to suit your needs and tastes. Labor charges start at $20, depending on the size of container, in addition to the cost of the plants.

We also specialize in centerpieces for weddings and special events. Let us bring your vision to life. Click here to email our Nursery staff today, or call (925) 944-9352.

bright green spikey aloe plant and soft rosette shaped succulents inside of a heart shaped terracotta pot. The Nursery is also stocked with a variety of beautiful dish gardens. These arrangements are potted up and ready to go. They’re perfect to give away as gifts, or for adding style to your own home.

Stop by the Nursery to see which dish gardens are available today! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get a sneak peek at plants, succulent arrangements, and to find out about plant sales and specials.

Banner photo by John Ricca