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The Ruth Bancroft Garden has a large, wholly outdoor plant nursery onsite. We specialize in plants that are best suited to the East Bay Area’s summer-dry micro-climate. The plants we source are climate-resilient; able to withstand the drastic changes in water availability, the harsh sun, and the cooler temperatures in the winter. We have a wide variety of climate-appropriate plants ranging in size from 2” to 15 gallon. Our selection includes Agaves, Aloes, Sedums, Aeoniums, Echeverias, Cacti and many more. We also stock a huge range of other waterwise plants, including the largest selection of Proteaceae in Northern California! These include Protea, Leucospermum, Leucadendron, Grevillea, and Banksia.

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Our Nursery has gotten a face-lift! Stop by and check out our new and improved California Native Plant Section. At the Ruth Bancroft Garden, it is important to us to sell climate-resilient plants that are well suited to the East Bay’s summer-dry microclimate. Home gardeners can set themselves up for success by planting species from and for California. California native plants are low water and provide habitats for pollinators: bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and more. Come visit us when your shopping around Walnut Creek and pick up a few new plants!

We are a Non-Profit


Proceeds from Nursery sales are funneled back into the Garden and Nursery to help maintain the grounds, structures, sales, and staff. When you purchase plants from us, you are helping support Ruth’s Garden and our mission of educating our community on the importance of climate-resiliency and waterwise gardening. Numerous garden plants are propagated here by our dedicated volunteers and garden staff. All plants are reasonably priced and properly acclimated to plant in your garden. The proceeds from plant sales keep Ruth’s garden thriving.

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