Stewards of the Garden, 1979-2022



Watch Horticulturist Martín Viveros talk about his time working alongside Ruth and his 35 year career working in the Garden.





In 2022, Curator Brian Kemble celebrated 43 years of working in the Garden. Hear him discuss his relationship with Ruth and how the Gardens has evolved over the years.





Brian’s Hybridization Projects

Aloe Ferox in full bloom, with large reddish-orange flowers.

Aloe ferox

Over the years the Garden’s collection has grown considerably. The collection includes plants that are found nowhere else in the world, introduced through the Curator’s hybridization program. Hybrids are crosses between species (sometimes naturally, sometimes by human hands).

Our Curator, Brian Kemble, has created numerous hybrids throughout the Garden including Aloe ‘Hellskloof Bells’ and Aloe ‘Creamsicle’, Aloe ‘G.W. Miller,’ and ×Gasteraloe ‘Luman.’ Kemble is perhaps best known for his Aloe hybridization. His goal is to create aloes with striking flowers and foliage that are also able to withstand Northern California frost. In the coming years, Kemble hopes to make more of his hybrids available to the general public.

Additional Resources

  • See Curator Brian Kemble’s list of frost hardy aloes here.


Click on the left image for a close-up of the Golden Jubilee Sign #7.









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