We are delighted to announce the launch of the Garden Preservation Fund. This is focused exclusively on the care and cultivation of our extraordinary garden plants and beds as well as the essential structural elements, (like water systems, pathways, and fencing). Generous donors have committed to matching up to $15,000 of your donations to the fund, doubling the impact of your gift today!


The Garden Preservation Fund goes beyond our normal operating budget, allowing our curators to undertake ambitious projects that would otherwise be challenging to accomplish. We aspire to continue acquiring rare plants from around the world to enrich the Garden’s collection and provide an extraordinary experience for all visitors.


Your contribution to this fund will make an immediate impact, ensuring that the Garden’s future remains vibrant and awe-inspiring. Whether you donate $10 or $500, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar. Together we can make a significant difference!

To learn more about the ways we give back to our community, view Annual Reports, and find out about more ways you can support the Garden, click below.


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In addition to the joy of helping preserve our botanical treasure, we are inviting all Garden Preservation Fund donors of $250 or more to our exclusive garden tour unveiling the newly renovated Curator’s Greenhouse this fall!

Ways to Give


Monthly giving: Stipulate a certain amount to be contributed each month.

Corporate Matching Funds: Consider tripling your donation by requesting a matching donation from your workplace.

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD): Donate through your IRA.

Tribute donation: give in honor or memory of someone special.

You can also donate stock, crypto, or via Donor Advised Funds (DAF).

Let’s cultivate a legacy of natural wonder!


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for your generous support over the years. With the Garden Preservation Fund, we invite you to join us in helping secure the Garden’s beauty for generations to come.