Sculptures & Pottery for the Home Garden

Welcome to our own little art gallery at the Ruth Bancroft Garden and Nursery! Explore the beauty of nature and human creativity intertwined as you peruse our curated collection of exquisite art pieces. We offer a diverse selection that includes stunning sculptures, captivating smaller garden art pieces, and handcrafted artisanal pottery.

Garden Sculptures

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Discover the perfect art piece to adorn your space and celebrate the enduring allure of the Ruth Bancroft Garden. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking unique treasures, our collection has something special to offer. Visit the Nursery today and be inspired by the fusion of artistry and the natural world.

Artist Profiles

Dustin Gimbel

Dustin Gimbel has worked as a landscape designer for 15+ years and started as horticulturalist 20+ years ago. Today he enjoys the challenge of meeting the needs of a diverse range of clients and projects. He finds inspiration from travel abroad as well as exploring nature closer to home. Always searching for the latest and greatest varieties of plants and materials, the designer is ever engaged in learning.

Check out his website and his instagram to learn more.

Ellen Sachtschale

Ellen Sachtschale, of Generous Nature Pottery, creates pottery that celebrates nature with curvaceous, organic forms and richly textured surfaces. Her Garden Vessels include planters, birdbaths, lanterns, fountains and more!

Check out more of her work here.

Helen L.

Helen creates ceramic wall vases – distinctive vessels for potting up your succulent cuttings, displaying air plants, or showcasing dried flowers.