Plant Detectives

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Thank you for your thinking of us as a potential field trip site for your class. If you would like to be on an “interested” list for the 2023-2024 school year, please email education@ruthbancroftgarden.org and we will reach out to you when we are accepting field trip bookings.  We appreciate your support and can’t wait to explore the Garden with your students!

About Plant Detectives


This program focuses on teaching core skills such as; observation, note-taking, asking questions and drawing conclusions. The subjects of observations are the adaptations to a life in dry climates made by the unique plant collection at the Ruth Bancroft Garden. Our program aligns well to NGSS 3LS 3-2, 4-3, 4-4 and 4PS 4-2, 4LS 1-1.

Each student will receive a notebook where they can write down their observations. By utilizing the scaffolding method, students will be introduced to how they can write and draw their observations without the pressure of being “artists and authors”. Students are encouraged to think like scientists and draw their own conclusions based on evidence. This method of journaling will be a very useful tool in other learning situations and for learners of all abilities.


Students will also get to plant a succulent to take home. During the planting session, the students will gain hands on experience and learn the kind of soil succulents prefer and how it is different from the clay soil commonly found in our county.

Active participation by teachers and chaperones is encouraged. It is proven that children learn better if the adults take an active part in the education. Therefore, teacher and chaperones will also receive the Plant Detective Notebook to jot down their own observations!

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Introducing: Garden Buds

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Garden Buds is a 4-week long program where your child will meet the same friends each week. It is an opportunity to practice social skills in an outdoor setting while developing an interest in nature with hands-on activities. The class will only use sustainable and natural materials for all craft activities. The program will provide early education in basic plant knowledge, hands-on plant based activities and seasonal experiences exclusive to the Ruth Bancroft Garden.