Garden Events

(Webinar) Dry Shade Plants- Succulents

When thinking of a garden with low water requirements, people tend to think of sun-loving plants, including soft succulents and cacti. When it comes to dry shade, the choices are […]

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Death Bloom Tour- Agaves

Join Brian, long-time Curator, on a special tour of the Garden's extensive collection of agaves, focusing on those that are blooming this year.

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(Webinar) Basic Irrigation in Dry Gardens

Irrigation systems in gardens may seem daunting for some, whether it’s a completely new install or converting a spray system to drip.  An irrigation system appropriate for a dry garden […]

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(Webinar) Dry Shade Plants- Woody & Herbaceous Plants

The choices are not as obvious, but there are plenty of non-succulents that do well in lower-light spots and still need very little irrigation. Learn about a variety of woody and herbaceous plants that can thrive in partial or full shade conditions.

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(Workshop) Summer Nature Printing

In this unique mixed-media workshop, participants will be taught Nature Printing, a printmaking technique that combines botanical printing and hand coloring to create hand-pressed composition using plants, ink and aged paper.

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(Webinar) Hardscape & Lighting

Learn how hardscape and lighting design can enhance your garden and the importance of investing in an appealing and functional outdoor space.

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