Garden Events

(Webinar) Dry Garden Botany 101

With a focus on dry garden plants, this class will give you the basics for understanding how plants are scientifically classified into different families and an overview of the plant parts.

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(Workshop) Intro to Pastel Painting

Join Gianne de Genevraye for this pastel workshop and learn the basics of how to capture the natural beauty of the Garden with this unique medium.

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(Webinar) Dry Garden Botanical Terminology

Botanical names can stump even the most seasoned horticulturists. With a focus on dry garden plants, students will learn about the etymology and proper pronunciation of botanical names.

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(Webinar) Dry Biomes of the World

Learn about the regions of the world that are considered dry, such as cold and hot deserts and arid grasslands. For each region, we will examine the climate, geography, and characteristic vegetation.

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(Webinar) Plant Adaptations to Dry Biomes

Learn about plant morphology, anatomy, physiology, and ecology that allow dry climate plants to acquire and conserve water, protect themselves from extreme heat and light radiation, avoid herbivory, and reproduce successfully.

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