Garden Events

(Webinar) Trees & Palms in Dry Gardens

When planning or planting a garden the first thing to consider are the large-scale plants such as trees and palms. 

$15.00 – $32.00

(Webinar) Hellstrip Plants

Learn about the conditions that you need to consider in a hellstrip planting space and what kind of climate-resilient plants would thrive in a harsh growing environment.

$15.00 – $32.00

(Webinar) Shrubs in Dry Gardens

Learn how to incorporate mid-size shrubs (herbaceous and woody plants) into a successful dry garden design.

$15.00 – $32.00

(Webinar) Spatial Considerations in Garden Design

Spatial design is a critical process before plant and hardscape decisions are made in order to lay a strong foundation to define the space.  Learn about the considerations that are important factors in designing a successful dry garden landscape.

$15.00 – $32.00