Garden Events

(Webinar) Shrubs in Dry Gardens

Learn how to incorporate mid-size shrubs (herbaceous and woody plants) into a successful dry garden design.

$15.00 – $32.00

(Webinar) Spatial Considerations in Garden Design

Spatial design is a critical process before plant and hardscape decisions are made in order to lay a strong foundation to define the space.  Learn about the considerations that are important factors in designing a successful dry garden landscape.

$15.00 – $32.00

(Webinar) Focal Point Plants in Dry Gardens

Focal point plants sets the tone for the entire design and helps determine all the other plantings.  In this lecture, we will look at how to select a dramatic plant for both aesthetics and site conditions.

$15.00 – $32.00

(Webinar) Aloe & Friends in Dry Gardens

learn about successful aloes (and friends) at the Ruth Bancroft Garden and how to incorporate these plants into a successful garden design.

$15.00 – $32.00

(Webinar) Creating Landscape Plans

Learn about the important elements of a successful concept plan and how to convey those initial ideas of spatial arrangement and overall aesthetic of the design. In addition, students will learn how to design and create a planting plan.

$15.00 – $32.00

(Webinar) Environmental Synergy

While you tend your garden, being able to understand what you’re doing holistically and how it impacts the environment is a huge step towards being sustainable beyond the property line.

$15.00 – $32.00