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2023 Dry Garden Design Certificate Program Registration

Register for the 2023 Dry Garden Design Certificate Program. The Dry Garden Design Certificate Program guides homeowners and experienced designers on an exploration of landscape design through the lens of dry gardening — the utilization of a climate-appropriate plant palette.

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(Webinar) Dry Garden Botany 101

With a focus on dry garden plants, this class will give you the basics for understanding how plants are scientifically classified into different families and an overview of the plant parts.

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(Webinar) Essential Trees & Palms in Dry Gardens

Tree and palm selection sets the tone for garden designs and helps determine all the other plantings.  In this lecture, learn how to select a tree or a palm for both aesthetics and conditions. 

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(Webinar) Basic Garden Designs

Learn about common dry garden styles and highlight the basic design elements you can use to achieve the look you want.

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(Webinar) Focal Point Plants in Dry Gardens

When planning or planting a garden the first thing to consider are focal point plants. Learn how to select a dramatic plant for both aesthetics and conditions in your dry garden design.

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