Garden Events

2024 Dry Garden Design Certificate Program Registration

The 2024 Dry Garden Design Certificate Program guides homeowners and experienced designers on an exploration of landscape design through the lens of dry gardening — the utilization of a climate-appropriate plant palette.

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(Workshop) Dry Garden Pruning Primer

Learn the foundations of pruning for the dry garden.  Pruning timing, tools, technique, and theory will be covered in this hands-on workshop.

$50.00 – $77.00

(Guided Walk) Aizoaceae

Join us for a walk through the Garden to learn about the Aizoaceae plant collection (formerly referred as the “mesembs” or ice plant family).

$20.00 – $35.00

(Webinar) Bulbs

Learn about the assortment of extraordinary bulb collection at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in this comprehensive online lecture.

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(Webinar) Dry Garden Botany 101

In this webinar, you will gain a solid understanding of the scientific classification of plants into various families, along with an overview of plant structures, functions, and remarkable diversity.

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(Tour) Guided Spring Stroll in the Garden

Spring is just around the corner! Come explore the Ruth Bancroft Garden with a guide, learn about the Garden’s history and be introduced to our unique plant collection.

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