What is your affiliation with Ruth Bancroft Garden?

We are part of the Ruth Bancroft Garden. Our services help fulfill the mission of the Garden by promoting low-water plants and design in the community.

Where do you provide services?

We are located in Walnut Creek, California, and work throughout the Bay Area. For jobs outside of a 10-mile radius of Ruth Bancroft Garden, we charge for drive time.

What type of work do you do?

We provide garden consultations as well as custom designs including hardscaping and plantings. We do not do installation but work with outside contractors who our clients can hire to install our work.

Do you install your designs?

No, we work with a handful of contractors we trust who our clients can hire to install our work. We do not get kickbacks from these referrals. We just want to help our clients from start to finish.

How do I schedule a consultation?

If you want to schedule a consultation, fill out our inquiry form and we will get back to you in 48 business hours.

Do you do remote designs?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. For remote designs, we require an initial in-person consultation at the client’s home for the first step of the process.

Do you have a specialty?

In keeping with the mission of the Ruth Bancroft Garden, we only use low and very low-water plants in our designs. We design sustainable gardens that support pollinators and create habitats in a wide variety of styles to suit client preferences.

What is the design process?

  • Consultation (all projects begin with a consultation)
  • Proposal for full design 9email)
  • Concept plan (meeting)
  • Final Plan (email)
  • Contractor walk-through (for client to receive a bid from contractor). Only one contractor walk-through is included in the design proposal. Additional contractor walk-throughs will require additional billed hours.

What size projects do you do?

We do projects of all sizes, from small front lawns to large properties with multiple hardscape and recreation areas.

How much does a design cost?

Design costs vary widely based on the size of the area and the scope of the project. During the consultation, we discuss the budget as part of the planning process.

What happens at a consultation?

We walk through your garden and discuss what you want for your space. We make suggestions as we go and help you evaluate how to best proceed with your project.  This is a great opportunity to get our professional opinion on questions or ideas you have regarding your garden.

Can I get a credit for consultation if I decide to get a full design?

Yes! When you sign up for a full design, we credit you for the consultation.

Do you offer free estimates?

No, we don’t offer free estimates. All our landscape services start with a consultation. After the consultation, we will send you a proposal for a full design upon request.

Where do I get the plants for my project?

As a service to our design clients, we custom order plants for your project directly from growers ensuring the highest quality plant material for your garden.  By sourcing plants for our designs through the Ruth Bancroft Garden Nursery, we are able to acquire hard-to-find plants and larger specimens.

How long is the Design Process? When is the best time to plant? To plan?

It is good to allow six months for the planning of your project. Some projects take three months while others can take over a year. The best time to plant in summer-dry regions like ours is in spring or fall. With that in mind, you should start the process six to eight months before when you want to plant. So, if you want to plant in the spring, reach out in the late summer/early fall. If you want to plant in the fall, reach out in the late winter/early spring.