Artists permit request

At the Ruth Bancroft Garden (RBG), we enjoy seeing artists work in many mediums to explore their skills in the Garden. In order to to minimize the disruption for both artists and our ever-growing number of visitors, we require all artists (whether amateur or professional) to submit an application form for a permit.  This includes photographers and plein-air artists.  Whether you are planning on visiting as a group excursion or for a solo session, we require each individual artist to follow the steps below to secure a permit to work in the Garden.  Easels, tripods and carts are not allowed in the Garden.


Steps to apply for an artists permit:

  1. Fill out an application form at least two weeks in advance of the proposed date. This will help us balance parking and Garden traffic.
  2. Consent to the guidelines below.
  3. You will receive an email from an Education Department staff member who will confirm or deny your proposed date, depending on space availability and programs/events in the Garden.  If confirmed, the email will have a permit.
  4. Arrive at the Garden on the designated day/time and check-in at the kiosk.  Show your permit and prepare to pay admission (or show proof of RBG membership).


    Artists are allowed in the Garden on weekdays only. Please give us several options for a date when you would like to paint in the Garden.



    These are the guidelines that I (the artist) will abide by:

    ● I will respect the plant collection and Garden. I will not damage any plants or disturb wildlife.
    ● I understand that I am not allowed to bring in an easel, tripod, cart or chair.
    ● I understand that a cart (hauling my art supplies or chair) will not be allowed in the Garden due to limited pathway space. All materials must be carried in by hand. Persons with disabilities may note the need for assistance in the 'special notes' of the application form.
    ● I will stay on designated paths. I, nor my art equipment, will not block any paths for visitors and ensure that there is always a clearance of three feet so other visitors and wheelchairs can go around me.
    ● I will not set up an easel/tripod or chair in a planting bed, nor will I use Garden furniture to rest my materials on.
    ● I will not dispose of any art materials (including cups of water for watercolor paints) in the garden beds or paths. Non-toxic liquids can be poured in bathroom sinks and trash will be packed out or disposed of in appropriate trash bins.
    ● When I am finished, I will clean up after myself and leave the area as I found it. If I borrow a Garden chair, I will return it to its original location.
    ● I will pay Garden admission (or show proof of RBG membership for complimentary admission).
    ● If I am coming in a group of six or more, I understand that we will be required to carpool.


    Please be on the lookout for a confirmation email from a RBG staff member within the next five days.  We appreciate you celebrating the Garden through your art, and for ensuring that your visit, and the general public’s visit are enjoyable. We look forward to seeing your creations!

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