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It was an honor to share the work and passion of Brian Kemble with our community and his supporters. All artwork will remain for sale through March 31st. Proceeds from the sale are split between Brian and the Garden. We thank you for your ongoing support!

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Brian Kemble Agave Photo Exhibit

Agaves are a prominent group in the Ruth Bancroft Garden, and they have also been a particular focus of Brian’s many trips to Mexico and the southwestern U.S. Their bold sculptural form makes them stand out as focal points in a landscape, and a closer inspection brings into focus some of their other delightful features, such as decorative teeth, curling threads on the leaf edges, or the “bud-printing” that leaves embossed impressions on the leaf surfaces. Their dramatic flowering process adds a whole new level of drama; from the emergence of the asparagus-like stalk to the spectacle of a plant in full flower. Not infrequently, agave leaves turn colors when they come into bloom, like the leaves of a deciduous tree in autumn, sporting hues that would not be seen at earlier stages of their lives. All of this serves as grist for the photographer’s mill, and this exhibit serves as a chance for Brian to share with others some of the wonderful agaves he has been delighted by.

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Purchasing Artwork

All of the artwork displayed throughout the Agave as Art exhibit is for sale. The proceeds benefit both the Garden and Brian Kemble. If you purchase displayed artwork, your piece must remain on site for the duration of the exhibit (through February 25th). If you purchase a duplicate, (which will be noted on the product page), your piece will be shipped directly to you. Please ensure you are reading product pages thoroughly. Below is a link to purchase the artwork from the exhibit.

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