The Garden’s mission is to preserve, promote, and enhance Ruth Bancroft’s world-class collection of water-conserving plants displayed in her exceptionally designed garden, for the education, inspiration, and enjoyment of the public.



The Ruth Bancroft Garden is a foremost example of the art of garden design with climate-appropriate plants. Consequently, it is known as one of the finest dry gardens in the world. The Garden displays an expansive collection of plants that Ruth collected for over 60 years. As a result, every season offers something new in the Garden and visitors find themselves in awe of the boldness and beauty of Ruth’s hard work.


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A candid interview with Ruth Bancroft


In 1991 & 1992, Suzanne Riess interviewed Ruth for the Oral History Center of the Bancroft Library in Berkeley, CA. This valuable history offers insight into Ruth’s life, determination, achievements, and the lessons learned while creating the Ruth Bancroft Garden.


Interview Transcript