Growing the Garden 1972-1990

The Pond, Folly, and Dry Gardening at Home

The Folly was once the entrance to the Garden with the pond visible upon entry. Now, these two features are at the back of the Garden, offering a magnificent surprise, a waiting oasis after a meandering walk through the more exposed Garden. Whether watching the koi splash, or a musical act in the shade of the folly, these features have always been gathering places for visitors. Although the pond and folly no longer serve as a grand entrance, they still maintain their role as the heart of the Garden.



Watch Landscape Design Services Director, Cricket Riley, discuss how to incorporate water features and other design elements into a dry garden landscape.






Watch Curator, Brian Kemble, share what is inside the Folly shade house and the Curator’s greenhouse, as well as his hopes for the renovation.




Click on left image for a close-up of the Golden Jubilee Sign #5.











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