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There's always something to see at The Ruth Bancroft Garden! Pick up a "What's in Bloom" guide when you check in for your tour. You can click the thumbnail below to see what's blooming this month.

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Check out our Flickr Photostream as well! With photos organized by the month they were taken in, you can see what the Garden looks like throughout the year.

Purchasing Plants at The Ruth Bancroft Garden

Our dedicated volunteers propagate plants for sale in The Ruth Bancroft Nursery on an ongoing basis. Plants can be found outside the living wall at the south side of the Garden. You do not need to pay admission to the Garden to shop for plants.

You will find the best selection at the annual Spring and Fall Plant Sales, when we offer free admission to the Garden and Members-Only Previews and Silent Auctions. All our plants are competitively priced and grown slowly in exterior exposure with carefully blended soil mixes.


You may schedule an appointment to purchase plants and receive personalized dry-garden advice in the Nursery, by emailing our Nursery Manager. Bring your own pot to the appointment, select plants, and our Nursery Manager will create a custom container garden for you! $20 charge in addition to the cost of the plants.


January 2015 Plant Highlight: Cheiridopsis umdausensis

by Brian Kemble


Cheiridopsis is a genus of highly succulent plants in the Ice Plant Family (Aizoaceae), native to southern Africa’s winter rainfall region in northwestern South Africa and southwestern Namibia. Most flower between autumn and early spring. There are about 25 to 35 species, depending on whose species concepts are followed, but this is a considerable reduction from the approximately 100 species recognized when narrower species delimitation was in vogue. The leaves range from finger-like to shorter and fatter, like those of a Gibbaeum or an Argyroderma (these are other genera in the Aizoaceae). The majority of the species have yellow flowers, though a few have violet-purple or orange hues.


Cheiridopsis umdausensis is unique in the genus for the little white “goose bumps” on its leaves, which may also sometimes have a few tiny teeth toward the tip. It comes from Namaqualand in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province. In time it makes a tight clump of many heads, and its light yellow flowers come out in late fall to winter. The flowers normally open in the middle of the day and close at dusk. Though it takes temperatures down to freezing without difficulty, it should be protected from cold snaps which go much below this.


Plant Donations to The Garden

Many people express interest in donating plants to the Ruth Bancroft Garden. These include plants that have grown too large for their space, may no longer be desirable for the owner, mature landscape plants that are being removed to make way for new plantings, or were owned by friends or loved ones. Plant donations to the garden are most appreciated but must be approved by staff prior to drop-offs. Many donations are repotted in our nursery and sold at our plant sales to raise money to support the garden, while a choice few plants will be accessioned into our collection, depending on the species and whether it is represented in our collection.

If you are interested in donating plants, we request that you email digital images of the plants along with any identifying information you may have to our Garden Curator, Brian Kemble. Brian will be happy to determine which plants are appropriate for donation.

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The mission of the Ruth Bancroft Garden, Inc. is to preserve this exceptional example of garden design and to continue to develop its collection of water-conserving plants for the education and enjoyment of the public.  
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