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Banksia heliantha

December 2023

Banksia is a genus in the Proteaceae (the Protea Family), and most of them are shrubs, like the Banksia heliantha.

Crassula rupestris

November 2023

Crassula rupestris is a clump-forming plant, found on rocky slopes and on cliffs. It grows widely in the southern and southwestern part of South Africa.

Aloe reitzii

October 2023

In habitat in South Africa, Aloe reitzii flowers in February and March, which is late summer to early autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

Orbea variegata

September 2023

Stapeliads are well known for their remarkable five-pointed flowers, and these are often referred to as “carrion flowers” because many of them employ foul odors to attract the flies that pollinate them, including the Orbea variegata.

Cycas debaoensis

August 2023

Cycas debaoensis is a cone-bearing gymnosperm belonging to the order Cycadales, an ancient lineage whose ancestry extends back 300 million years, to a time when flowering plants had not yet evolved.

Agave pintilla

July 2023

The Agave pintilla is an unusual agave with compact rosettes of leaves with striking white markings on the leaf surfaces.

Echinocereus pentalophus subspecies pentalophus

June 2023

Plants in the Cactaceae, or Cactus Family, are almost all native to the Americas, and they occur widely in both North America and South America. This includes Echinocereus pentalophus subspecies pentalophus.

Gasteria rawlinsonii

May 2023

While many Gasteria are stemless, this is not true of a unique cliff-dwelling species named Gasteria rawlinsonii.

Bulbine latifolia

April 2023

One of the largest of the Bulbine species is Bulbine latifolia, which has an extensive distribution in eastern South Africa.

Acacia aphylla

March 2023

While some Australian Acacia species have long been widely used horticulturally (and in some cases have naturalized in other parts of the world), others have stayed out of the limelight. One of the latter is Acacia aphylla.

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